About Event
This is an event where a galaxy of International Scientists, Investment and IP experts will meet Indian Entrepreneurs and Investors to present validated technologies & product ideas in Industrial NanoTechnolgy & Regenerative Medicines for possible collaborations.
  • Nano & Regenerative Medicines.
  • Automotive components
  • Consumer and industrial applications
Who will attend?
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Strategic Decision Makers
  • R & D Experts & Professionals
  • Pharma /Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive Component
  • Plastic processing
  • Consumer products
  • Other Industries

The ForeFont Summit will focus on "concrete collaborations" between technology providers, entrepreneurs and funding partners as well as assist entrepreneurs to source appropriate technology in their area of interest.

  • Can Nanotechnology transform healthcare domain as digital telephone transformed communication domain, crashing costs, expanding markets and improving quality of life and making India world's second-largest and fastest growing market in less than 16 years?
  • Can India leapfrog with Nano Technology as it did with Software Technology and bypass the disadvantage of missing out on a traditional industrial revolution?
  • Can nano technology help improve vehicle efficiencies, reduce costs, improve functionality?
There are many parallels to believe so and all it needs are some early movers like you who will emerge as leaders in this space

The main goal of the Summit is to match unmet market needs with appropriate technologies. This will help put India in the forefront of application of Nano Technology. Thereby capturing the unprecedented opportunity of the globalization era.

The Summit will cover key players, market size and impact on market cap. Expert speakers will describe various Technologies - current status and future trends, Intellectual Property Rights, Regulatory Affairs, Potential Strategic Alliances, Funding Strategies and Deal Strategies.
  • Nano and Regenerative Medicine products,
  • Nano Devices
  • Applications of nano In Automotive and other industries
This Summit will bring Strategic Decision Makers in the Indian Industry, International Researchers, Experts in the Nano Technology and Regenerative Medicine field and Investors on one platform to create a time bound action plan through a collaborative effort.
Summit Focus Areas:

Nanoparticles and Composites
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Medical therapeutics
  • Industrial Materials Applications
  • Automobile industry
  • Security tagging
  • Solar and battery technologies
  • For Ultra-high precision atomic-cell in-vitro biopsy studies
  • For microelectronics products
  • Portable diagnostic devices for fast and economical screening (to enable high-technology medical diagnostics in small-office environment)
Regenerative Medicine
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Stem Cell technologies