Strategic Decision Makers and R& D Professionals from Manufacturing & Healthcare Industry, Entrepreneurs and Investors!
Discover collaborative opportunities in Industrial NanoMaterials and Nano/ Regenerative Medicine!
Internationally renowned Scientists offer insights!!
ForeFront Summit is a platform for collaborative interaction between Technology Providers, Entrepreneurs / Industry and Investors. It is an effort to assist Entrepreneurs to source appropriate Technology in their area of interest.
What Forefront Summit will do:
Fulfill unmet market needs with appropriate Technologies.
How :
Partner with inventors to take lab scale Technologies to Commercial scale by forging appropriate partnerships.
Who can utilize this opportunity:
Investors and entrepreneurs, strategic and policy decision makers, research and development heads.
Why :
Mapping Need to Technology and Technology Identification, Evaluation and Risk Mitigation thereby assisting in decision making.

A b o u t   S p e a k e r s

Madhavan P. N Nair, Ph.D.
Professor and Founding Chair, Immunology Director, Institute of Neuro-Immune Pharmacology Associate Dean   More...
Jag Khalsa, Ph.D.
is the Chief of the Medical Consequences Branch in the Division of Pharmacotherapies & Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse   
Raveendran Pottathil, Ph.D.
is a recognized authority in the field of in-vitro diagnostics,In this regard, from 1985 to 1992 he was the Section Manager for retroviruses 
Sakhrat Khizroev, Ph.D.
is an engineer and an educator with a research focus on nanotechnology applications.In 2011, he rejoined FIU.
Greg Maguire, Ph.D.
is currently the Founder, CEO of BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc. San Diego, CA. He also serves as President of La Jolla Research Institute.  
Simon Taylor
serves as President, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of ACN Securities.In addition, he practices law for selected clients 
Nil Emre, Ph.D.
is a Staff Scientist in the Stem Cell, Research and Development group at BD Biosciences in San Diego.
Mridula P.Sherin, Ph.D.
specializes in biotechnology and ecotechnology assessment and intellectual property analysis.

Stephen W. Bisenius
tephen is Executive Director of the Lee Count Economic Development Group, located in Keokuk, Iowa